The new kind of puzzle game
that will lift your spirit!

Maestria is a puzzle game for your tablets
and smartphones, in which you will help Fugue
bring back Harmony in eight enchanting worlds.

In order to win, you just need to ring the bells
in the correct order. Easy enough... But will you find
a solution to the 160 levels of the game?

screenshot 1 screenshot 2 screenshot 3 screenshot 4 screenshot 5

About the author

Antoine Latour is 26 years old and lives in
Strasbourg, France. He’s a programmer
and like to... make games, I guess ?
I don’t know, honestly, I hardly know him.

He created Maestria in the hope of
making mad stacks, becoming famous,
finding true love, and to pass the time on
Sundays. He achieved 25% of these goals.

Luckily, he didn’t get to put too many
puns in the game. Alas, he will probably
make up for it in the next one.

If you want to see what he’s up to and
can read french, you can visit his blog.
Or you can scream his name at the top
of your lung and hope he’s in the area...